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Earn Extra Cash For Sending Customers Our Way!

The "Earn Extra Money" Opportunity is a fun and profitable sales referral / affiliate marketing program that allows anyone with a network of customers or friends to promote our products and earn commissions on sales you've referred to us.


1) How It Works

If you have friends who are interested in imprinted apparel or promotional items (i.e. schools, teams, churches, community organizations, businesses ‐‐ essentially any business, group or organization), simply refer them to us via telephone, email or a custom web link we'll provide to you when you join. You'll receive a commission when anyone you refer to us makes a purchase! You can sign up for a referral partner account and get started in one day.


2) Where To Find Potential Customers

If you're a website owner, blogger or social media publisher and your audience includes potential buyers (like anyone involved in schools, teams, churches, youth groups, businesses or any kind of non-profit group), then you'd make an amazing referral partner!

If you're a stay-at-home mom or dad, student, or anyone else looking for extra income, take a few minutes to review your Facebook friends, LinkedIn connections, Email and Telephone contacts. Chances are, you'll find at least 25 to 50 people who are either buyers, work closely with buyers, or have strong networks of their own you can tap into which will dramatically expand your earning potential. Below are just a few potential buyers you should look for when mining your friends, connections and contacts.

✓ Schools: Principal, PTA Member, Teacher/Club Sponsor
✓ Teams: Parent, Coach, Booster Club Member
✓ Churches: Youth Group, Secretary, VBS Coordinator
✓ Professionals: Business Owner, Marketing Manager, HR Manager, Restaurant/Bar Manager, Doctor, Lawyer


3) Commission Rates

Commission rates vary depending on product type with payouts of up to 15% available with 10% being the average. Your ability to earn will be based on how many qualified leads you send us and the level of engagement you have with your friends and customers.


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